Dr. Randall "Randy" Roberts has been in practice since 1981 and has a passion for bringing wellness to the world. His goal is to educate others on methods to improve their health and create a long-lasting lifestyle of wellness. He is the founder and Wellness Expert at Soli Wellness Center.

About Us

I was born in Salt Lake City in 1954 at the time when conventional medical and nutritional wisdom was that baby formula was just as good as mothers milk. Birth was a medical procedure using forceps and the mothers where anesthetized completely. Once I got over the bruises on my head, (forceps birth) I was raised on formula, powdered and skim milk, margarine, Crisco and processed American cheese. Like most children of my generation, and our parents before us, I was raised on the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

Other than frequent mucous and phlegm running down my throat, life was fairly uneventful until 14-15 when I developed Eczema. Our family doctor gave me antibiotics and cortisone cream and the eczema cleared up like magic. I had yearly flare up's, the worst being in the winter, and saw a skin specialist who gave us a diagnosis, but always the same treatment. While in ninth grade I suffered a football injury to my low back which left me with intense pain on exertion for months. Physical therapy helped as long as I went but if I quit therapy, the pain was back again. Our family doctor x-rayed at my insistence and told me that nothing was wrong and I remember thinking to myself, "Something is wrong! It feels like I have a knife in my back. Obviously medicine doesn't know everything." 

I knew there was more to health than eastern medicine had answers for so when my two older brothers became chiropractors before me and I learned that DC stood for 'Doctor of Cause' I took that to heart as my guiding principle on my journey to become a chiropractor. I began college at the University of Utah in September of 1975. During this time I learned a lot about nutrition, both the health food philosophy and conventional college nutrition course. I started changing my lifestyle and experienced the benefits, first hand, of eating a healthy diet, exercising and having a regular spiritual practice. I devoured many books like, "Let's Get Well," by Adele Davis, "Sugar Blues" and many more. With all the new information I learned and health benefits I personally experienced, my guiding principle of being a 'Doctor of Cause' was more fully defined as working with the innate intelligence that made the body to remove the interference's and let the "Power that made the body, Heal the body."

I accomplished 6 years of schooling, never taking a semester off, graduating in July of 1980 from the foremost alternative health institution in the country, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I also married and had two children and owned my own janitorial business in those years. My back injury flared up severely on several occasions and I learned, first hand, the value of great chiropractic care for lumbar disc injuries. I began practice in Utah in 1981 and have loved it dearly. It has so blessed my life and the life of thousands of families over the years.

Like many people during stressful years of starting a career and raising a family, I gradually put on weight. I got a little heavy then moderately heavy then really heavy! My skin issues reappeared in my 30's after we moved to a town near some oil refineries. I had some bouts with sore throats and discovered I had an impacted wisdom tooth. I hesitantly did an antibiotic and had the first sinus infection of my life, then experienced ear infections and seasonal allergies. I developed food allergies and when I started to have an allergic reaction to watermelon I said, "Holy cow! I have got to figure this out!" That began a serious personal health journey, living what I knew and preached, learning what I did not know and using myself as a guinea pig. 

Over the intervening years, as I studied for answers, ​​​​I learned about yeast and candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, homeopathics, herbal medicine, computerized EAV testing, meridians and chinese medicine, Aruveydic Medicine, lymphatic congestion, personal training, Genetics of Health and so many other invaluable tools and knowledge leading to where I am today. I am truly healthier, more joyful and more fit than I have been since high school. In the last 3 years alone, the scale shows a weight loss of 50 lbs which translates to having lost 80 lbs of fat and gained 30 lbs of muscle. 

I have been blessed to be mentored by some great health professionals over the years, beginning with my two brothers and some of the great healers in alternative health. I feel that I was led and blessed  and guided to study and rub shoulders with all of these giants in healing. Here is a brief overview of my mentors and studies through the years: 


  • Dr. David Daniel Palmer's book, "The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic."  
  • Dr. Virgil Strange - a philosophy genius. 
  • Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce 
  • Dr.Glen Stillwagon
  • Dr. Guy Reikeman, DC, a true genius in regards to healthcare trends & education in healthcare
  • Dr. Bernie Siegal, MD, wrote "Love, Medicine and Miracles."
  • Leo Buscaglia, " The Power of Hugging." 
  • Wayne Dyer, a pioneer in Mind Body. 


  • Dr. John Christopher,  a Master Herbalist
  • Dr. Weston Price, a nutritional genius who studied and pioneered many of the causes of modern health diseases.
  • Dr. Royal Lee, "The Father of modern whole food vitamins". A true visionary who understood that "God made our body and the food for our body and you can't outsmart God". 
  • Dr. Jeffery Bland, the 'Father of Personalized Medicine' and a nutritional and biochemical genius.


  • Gregg Braden, blends ancient philosphy with modern scientific understanding.
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, my first introduction to Epigenetics in  "Biology of Belief."   
  • Dr. James Oschmann PhD, "Energy Medicine" - the scientific basis behind some techniques I use. 
  • Candace Pert, Neuroscientist who wrote "Molecules of Emotion."  
  • Dr. Dan Murphy DC, a nutritional researcher extraodinar.
  • Debbie Cottle, LMT, a mentor and guide.
  • Dr. John Brimhall, a true healer and mentor who co-developed the "Six Interference" concept of health with me. 
  • Jack Tipps, Certified Clinical Nutritionist a natural healing genius and the whole Systemic Formula's Team.
  • Dr. Lynn Toohey PhD, a human nutrition specialist and the whole Nutriwest Team. ​
  • Caroline Myss, "The Anatomy of the Spirit."


  • Joseph Chilton Pierce, "The Biology of Transcendence" the science of how to reprogram the subconscious mind. 
  • Lynne McTaggart, author of "The Field" - why energy medicine and quantum physics is reality.
  • Herbert Benson MD, Harvard Medical School, "Spirituality and Healing in Medicine."  He gave me the medical authority to work with peoples spiritual paradigms to help them heal.
  • Rob Williams, Phsychotherapist and developer of "Psych K", a mind body healing method. 
  • Heart Math Institute, the science of the heart and brain connection. 
  • Dr. Stanley Block MD PhD, "Come to Your Senses."


  • Dr. Brandon Lundell, one of the foremost experts on Functional Medicine and nutrition.
  • Dr. Dan Pompa, an expert on detox and healing. 
  • Dr. Shane Morris PhD a gifted biochemist, researcher and formulator.  
  • And many, many more too numerous to name.


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