Save the Brain is a Mission

As a healthcare professional, I see a wide variety of people with brain dysfunction and symptoms ranging all over the scale. In past years I have noticed it is becoming an even bigger problem and I want to provide my community with information on how to protect themselves and their families from these horrible brain diseases. Save the Brain is my mission and my campaign to bring wellness to my world.

The Brain

Our brains control almost everything our bodies do and are vital for a healthy, functioning body. It controls how we move, how we process new information, learn and remember, how we feel and process emotions. Even things you don't consciously think about such as your heart beating, your lungs breathing and whether you feel tired or a burst of energy. When something goes wrong with our brains, it is often serious and can cause damage to many areas of our body and health.

The Problem

Our brain's health is being put in jeopardy by many different factors including, but not limited to:

• Toxins and Heavy Metal Exposure

• Poor diet and nutrition

• Genetic dysfunction

The Solution
The good news is that all of these causes can be impacted and corrected by lifestyle and diet. At Soli Wellness Center, we offer a variety of different services and lifestyle guidance to help correct and avoid all the factors that are causing the brain epidemic in our country. We need a national "Save the Brain Campaign" to educate our communities how to protect themselves and their families. Please join with us and share the good news!

Dr. Randall Roberts, DC

Save The Brain

What is Save the Brain?

"There is an epidemic of brain dysfunction in our communities causing a wide array of health problems and disorders. For our sake, and that of future generations, we must save our brains."

​                                      -Dr. Randall Roberts